My real Birthday!!

Today is my real birthday!!!
I slept at my MiMi and Paw Paw's house last night while mommy and daddy went to their Christmas party. Mommy came early to tell me Happy birthday! And aunt lacy was there too!!
Mommy even made me a cool shirt that says "I'm one today!" We took a few pictures before we left for Mrs Becky's of course!
After daycare, mom picked me up and we got my first happy meal!! yeah!!!
We at the happymeal at NaNa's and she gave me a chocolate cake with a candle!
I am now obsessed with hamburgers, and I can hold it all by myself! Watch the video!
Daddy bought me a singing card and some new toy trucks! He's the best daddy ever!
I had a GREAT birthday!!!
Happy birthday to me!!!!

My new shirt mommy made for me.

First I ate my french fries...

Then my hamburger...

Yum Yum!!!

I cant get enough....I love it!!!

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