A girl????

Why do I let them do these things to me? My daddy will be so mad!
They wanted me to try this on. Its a baby gift for my new baby cousin....but for some reason, my nanny and my nana thought I'd be cute in it....well, I guess I am cute, but come on!!!
I'm a boy Mr Jackson!
Thank god James and Lacy are having girls.....they can dress them up from now on!

Parrains Birthday

Parrains birthday is this month to. Sunday we all went to Nanas for lunch with GG and everyone. I got to blow out the candles again! I love August! So many candles to blow!
I helped Parrain open his presents and momma even got presents because her birthday is next week!
Then we went outside to play. Parrain let me play in the pond. He dipped me in, then I sat on the side and kikicked and splashed! So much fun!

Opening Presents with mama

cOpening Presents with Parrain

Baby's Sick

I was sick this week. High fever at night, and I couldnt sleep. Mommy took me to the doctor and they couldnt find out the problem, so they sent me to the hospital to run some tests.
The nurse there is NOT my bestfriend. She took my blood and stuck a long stick up my nose. Me and mommy both cried! Thank god NaNa came to help us out! She always saves the day. At least I got a Diego sticker and I got to go home and play with nana afterwards.
The best news was, I was ok. Just a sinus infection. Nothing a little medicine cant fix.
Mommy even bought me some toys for being a big boy during the tests! (and because she felt so bad that they tortured her baby!) I got a Diego, a Dora and a BOOTS toy!! I love boots (or "booths" like I say!)
Thank you mama, I love you! And I'm not mad at you for holding me so tight while they poked me!

Sick baby with his teddy his nanny gave him.

Maddy and "booths". And his milk and his nuunie! Yep, sick babies get whatever they want!

Nana's Birthday

Tonight was nanas birthday! Happy birthday nana!! Morgie cooked a yummy roast and we got nana some ice cream and cookies! I carried her ice cream to her with the candle, then I helped her to blow it out of course! And then, she shared with me like she always does. I love my nana, she's the best! And I love her ice cream!

Blue Ice Cream

After we ate dinner, "KaKa" (uncle Kyle) took me to get ice cream. He let me pick which one I wanted, and apparently I wanted bright blue cotton candy he said!
Wasnt it yummy! I love my "kaka"!! He's the best!!!

(notice the pink bucket on the counter, that's where daddy thought the spoons came from, but he was wrong! Thats the trash bucket! Gross daddy, you have cooties for sure now!)

Thanks KaKa!

MiMi feeding me my cotton candy! Yum!

And me feeding myself. Big boy! Yum Yum!

My First Rubber Boots!

Parrain and Holly came over on sunday on their way home from their beach vacation. Guess what they brought me....my first pair of rubber boots! And how COOL are these!! Every little boy needs a pair of rubber boots for sure, but how many little boys can say they have a super cool pair of firetruck rubber boots like me! I love my boots!!!
I ran around and around the yard in my new boots. And now we keep them in the car, I like to hold them and look at them, they're so fun!!!! I cant wait to wear these everywhere I go!!

Thanks Parrain and Holly!!

I love hats!

Tonight I found a box of hats in mommy's closet...uh oh!!!! I dumped them all out, then I climbed into the box (of course!)...then mommy got the camera and put on one hat at a time and took pictures. I thought it was so much fun!!! There were SOOO many hats, some were daddy's, some were mommys and some were my great granny Elisabeths....cool hats!
Check em out!






When mommy goes shopping.....

Maddox always gets great stuff!!!! Oh yeah! This weekend me and mommy took a trip to Houston...yep, a girls trip (and me of course). I got to hang out with Mrs Joyce and Mr Ian at the ZOOOOOO while mommy and Schmern went shopping!!! I had a great day and so did she, and look at all these fun things she brought back for me!!!

First, I got new shoes...because I need them (mom says I have to stop crying to wear my crocks so I can take them off when I want to...booo)
These are my cool new Stride Rite shoes....I'm a big boy now!

Then, I got this new table! How cool is this, ,i love IKEA! My highchair is toast, and now I'm a real big kid with my big boy table in the kitchen! This is me snackin on my raisins and milk! oh yea!

And these cool puzzles~ I love puzzles and mom found these cool little ones that I think are so much fun! I already know how to do them all! Because I'm super smart!

Then, the best one of all...my NEW CHAIR!!! I love it! Bring on the books, because I have the best spot in the house to curl up with a good Elmo book!! I keep my chair in the living room right next to my daddy's new recliner. (And my chair is cooler than daddies!) Check it out!

Thanks mommy, your the best!!!