When mommy goes shopping.....

Maddox always gets great stuff!!!! Oh yeah! This weekend me and mommy took a trip to Houston...yep, a girls trip (and me of course). I got to hang out with Mrs Joyce and Mr Ian at the ZOOOOOO while mommy and Schmern went shopping!!! I had a great day and so did she, and look at all these fun things she brought back for me!!!

First, I got new shoes...because I need them (mom says I have to stop crying to wear my crocks so I can take them off when I want to...booo)
These are my cool new Stride Rite shoes....I'm a big boy now!

Then, I got this new table! How cool is this, ,i love IKEA! My highchair is toast, and now I'm a real big kid with my big boy table in the kitchen! This is me snackin on my raisins and milk! oh yea!

And these cool puzzles~ I love puzzles and mom found these cool little ones that I think are so much fun! I already know how to do them all! Because I'm super smart!

Then, the best one of all...my NEW CHAIR!!! I love it! Bring on the books, because I have the best spot in the house to curl up with a good Elmo book!! I keep my chair in the living room right next to my daddy's new recliner. (And my chair is cooler than daddies!) Check it out!

Thanks mommy, your the best!!!

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