Where's Waldo?

Can you find what's wrong with this picture??
I love to get inside of things!! Talk about Im going to be GOOD at hid and go seek!!!!

Just a few to hold you over....

(I have lots and lots of updates, but havent had much time to post them....I'm getting to it though!!!)

Here's a few pictures to hold you over for now.
On Friday afternoons, me and mommy always do something special. Last week we went to the library!(wait until you see those pictures!), this week we played outside. I love outside! Mrs. Becky takes the whole class outside everyday now and I am loving it! I am so tired when mommy picks me up I never make it home before I pass out!

Here's a few pics from playing outside with mommy, and a saturday lunch in River Ranch with mommy and Aunt Morgie....of course, mom broke out the camera!!

What are you doing under there boy!

Sweet baby..

Gotta love that smirk!!

Picking a flower for mama!

I love it!!!!