Potty Time and Bath Time!

Well, it's official, I'm potty training! Yep....at school I dont have an accident all day! I only wear diapers at nap time! I'm a big boy! But at home, it's a little different...sometimes I forget I need to potty and I have accidents! But it's ok, at least I'm learning.
Tonight I spent some time on the potty before my bath!

Mom is so embarrassing, taking pictures of me on the potty!!!
Come on mom!

How about I sit backwards?
Bathtime now....this is my favorite!!!!!

After I get all soaped up, mom lets me SWIM!!!!!!
Hey mom! Cheese!!!

Saturday at the Kart Ranch!

MiMi and Paw Paw and Aunt Lacy took me to the Kart Ranch on Saturday for my friend Hallie's birthday party! Mom came to meet us between photoshoots! I had so much fun!!!
I played in the balls, all by myself, jumped in the fun jump, climbed the ropes, and slid down the slides!! oh yeah!!!! THEN, my paw paw took me on the Go Kart! Wow!!!!!! I guess I was a bit tired, and time for my afternoon nap, because that vibration in the go kart when we were going around the track put me to sleep!!! ha! Not a great right hand driver, I guess! I'll learn one day!
It was a great day!!! And here's some pictures to prove it!

The Balls!

The fun jump!

The rope climb!

The slide!

All by myself!

NOW>>>>>>the go kart ride!!!!

Strap me in good Paw Paw!

Can I press the horn?

Im ready to go! Press Play!

Me and paw paw "zooming" by!

This is after the ride.....a little sleepy! But it was fun!

I've got this!

Well, mama is slightly addicted to onion rings right now! Guess my baby sister/brother likes those alot!! So, last week after school she took me to Sonic! I got to get out of my seat and order all by myself! I like sonic! They have lots of pictures on the menu and I can reach it! So I pointed out what I wanted!!!! Corn Dog and French Fries! Yum!!!!! I got to order it too, I said "chocolate milk please!" and the lady came out and said " I believe this chocolate milk is for you!" She was really nice. And mom put my chocolate milk in my sippy cup, gave me a french fry and strapped me in!
I love Sonic!!!!!!

Look mom, I want that!

You see, right HERE...that!!!!

I did I all by myself!!!!!

Ella sleeps over!!

Baby Ella came to sleep!

I liked to play pretend with my "baby elephant" in Ellas chair when she wasnt in it. I gave my baby milk and read books to my baby!!! I'm gonna be a great big brother!

Even daddy enjoyed some 'baby time'.....
And mama let me give Ella her milk once!!! She loves me!!!

Then Nanny came over, and it was time to play like a big kid! No more baby play!!! Nope!
I put on nannys sweatshirt (cause I'm cool like that), and my "cowboy hat????" (that's what he calls it, crazy!) And went running around the house!
Touchdown!!! Landed in mommys bed! It was a fun night with baby ella and a fun morning with my nanny too!!!!

This saturday Daddy took me to the Carencro Mardi Gras Parade!!! It was cold when we got there, but warmed up fast! Uncle Joe, Angela and the girls were in town for the parade too, so we got to stand with them! I caught lots and lots of beads and TOYS!!! I love the toys!!! I even got a little sunburn during the parade too. Mom met us there towards the end of the parade and helped us carry all my beads to the car!
That was a fun day with daddy and my cousins! Thanks dad, your the best!

Reagan with all her beads ON!
Sydney's beads!
Walking to the car with "jo jo"
Check out all my "stuff!!!!!"
I can carry that 'jo jo', I'm a big boy you know!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!!!
This morning mom dressed me all fancy for my valentines party at school!!! She even made me these cool treats with my name on the tag...all Ed Hardy Style!! Ha!
Well, when we woke up, it was snowing!!! Yep, middle of February, and it was snowing! Too bad I have a cold and mom didnt want me out in the snow....but she let me stand by the open doors to take a picture...but just when mom thought it was safe, I darted out into the back yard....and ran through the snow! It was so much fun...UNTIL....mom caught me and drug me back to the porch and daddy fussed at me because my feet were all muddy. Oh well, it was worth it, I played in the snow!!!
Now, it's off to my valentines party to collect all my yummy treats!!!! See ya!!

My treats for the party!

Right before I took off for the yard!.....
RUnning in the snow!!!.....

Pictures inside my room this time...mom thought it was only safe!

Sleeping with my daddy

We've been watching lots of movies....I think it's all pop's fault...he playes "movie rental" with me...and lets me 'check out' one movie at a time and put it in the DVD player in my room at his house all by myself!!!! I even get to take one home sometimes, which makes daddy happy too, because they're usually ones he hasnt seen before either!
Last week I brought home Wall-E...and daddy was excited! But looks like daddy and I were too full on our mexican food from dinner, because neither of us made it through the movie! Mom found us laying in the recliner like this about halfway through the movie...ooops!!!