7 Months- Im a Big Boy!

I have a big boy carseat now, and I'm so excited...I can see!!! I love to yell at mama and daddy in the drivers seat until they turn around, and then I laugh at them....all the time in the car. It's so much fun!

I still love to sleep in the car too...and I pet my "duck" until I fall asleep!

I love Ice Cream too! Thanks Aunt Lacy and Uncle Kyle...it's so good, I cant get enough!

One of the amazing pictures Barbara took at Lacy's swimming party....more to come!


Starting to climb the walls! Time for child proofing for sure!!

I can climb!! But I was stuck once I got up here. It was funnY@!!!

Nanny's Back!

My nanny's back from Paris!! it's been 6 weeks and I missed her. She was amazed how big I was, how I talk all the time, and how I can crawl!!! She missed alot, but she's back and we're all happy!!!!

Mom made me a shirt that said "Nanny's Home, Yeah!" on it. I was her "sign" at the airport.

She was so pumped to see me!

And she loved my shirt too!

My Mohawk is Back!!!!

Yes Sir, the Mohawk is back!!! It's been gone for a while, but it has returned! The signature style of Mr. Maddox Anthony! Everyone at the sitters is so excited!!! Baby Maddy Mohawk is back!

What's the matter puppy?

Sleeping Baby Mohawk.

Walk like a monkey!

This is my new thing...I can get up on my hands and my feet....like a monkey! And I can sit up....very well. The wood floor in the living room is my favorite place to be (can you tell by all the hand prints???) Mom cant keep it clean! My new cars are fun too...when I touch them, they roll!
Toys are so much fun right now!

Morgie and Josh

I went swimming at Josh's house with Josh and Morgie...I didnt bring my swimsuit, so we compromised with some kacki shorts and my hat...and my toys were my crocks and my rubber duck! But I had more fun with the cat and the puppy on the side of the pool! And Morgie and Josh too of course!

I'm flying!
Trying to get to that cat!

Daddy's Birthday and the 4th of July!

Daddys birthday...July 3rd. I woke up and made daddy breakfast! Oatmeal creme pie with a candle...he loved it! I got to spend a little time with him before him and mommy left for his suprise trip to L'auberge Casino!

Daddy Floating in the lazy river all day for his birthday!

Forth of July!!!! Daddy and Mommy are back and I got to float just like daddy!! We spent the day at the pool at MiMi's house!

Check out my "thibs" hat! Now I'm cool! And advertising for my daddy too!

I love my new floating frog toys...thanks MiMi!

And I even got to try some of Daddys birthday cake...Dirt Cake..Yum!!!!! Thanks maw maw!


Happy Half a Year Old to me!!!!!
I'm 6 months old, and so big now, 20 pounds to be exact!
 I can sit up all by myslef, and I think that's the coolest thing ever! I can talk, gibberish, but it's talking! My favorite word is "DA DA DA DA DA" and I can also say "HI".  I love to swim in the pool and on the floor! Yep, I may not actually "crawl" but I can do the breaststroke on the floor and get ANYWHERE i want to be! Just put something in front of me (a toy, my puppy, anything I'm not supposed to have!) and I'll scoot my way over to it with determination in my eyes!
My 6 month doctors appointment was fun. The paper on the doctors table is so much fun! Talk about the little things that amuse me! Check out the video.

Me and my BIG ducky!

Posing in my bedroom window.

Flying in the sky with mommy.

Watching the fish at NaNa's.

Crawling is SOOOO exciting!!