The Bench....

This bench has been around as long as I have. Technically, it's Nana's....she brought it over when I was only 2 weeks old for a photoshoot with Melissa Andries....and it's stayed here ever since. Tonight mommy let me and Bentley play on the bench while she caught some shots to compare me to the size I was the first time I played on this bench! The Melissa Andries picture is hanging beautifully in the living room...but this is a fun little side by side! (And a few others from me and Bentley playing on the bench!)

My new haircut and some words!

Last night I got a big boy haircut! See!!!!!
Today when we got to school mommy took a video of me. I called my dada, my nana, my pop, my paw paw, KaKa (kyle) of course!!! And even tried to say Morgie......(I'm working on it!)
Then I got aggravated and just wanted out of that car-seat! Enough is enough mama!!

My Little Sailor Boy!!

Mom found this little outfit at an Antique Store this weekend and of course, we had to have a photoshoot!!! But this one was fun! Mom and Nana took me to Aunt Ednadeens house! She has the perfect house for a photoshoot! We will definitely be back there again soon! Her porch was perfect for running UP and DOWN!!!! And the "pool" or pond with all the "wa wa".....I love it!!!!

All Smiles!

All smiles!!!! Mommy had to work for this smile, but it was worth it!!!


Swimming Lessons!

We just completed our first summer of swimming lessons and I loved it!!!! I learned how to blow alligator bubbles, how to go under water! And how to JUMP OFF THE DIVING BOARD!!! I had so much fun!!! Daddy brought me the first day of lessons and he had so much fun, he came back again all week!!!
Here's some pictures from our last day of lessons!

Maddox-SMiles Again!

I played photoshoot with mommy's new prop...the big green pillow! And I even laughed and smiled for mommy....I'm getting the hang of this photo thing...for a little while!