Parrain's Surgery- May 23,2008

Poor Parrain had his appendix taken out due to a rupture!
We were worried about him during the surgery (Actually maddox slept through it all!)
But when he got to his room, he was all better!
When he opened his eyes and saw Maddox I think he thought he was dreaming because the kid was so large!
I stayed in bed with Parrain all weekend. I love to lay under his arm and watch the tv with him. And we took naps together too!

I loved that hospital gown! By the way...why is it ripped Parrain? Oh, that's already told's because "your arms are so big!"

Watching tv with much DO we look alike! 

My first swim!!

My first swim...I love it almost as much as I love my bath!
And I brought my ducky along too! This float was perfect....a little area for my toys and my own water to splash in!
Me, mommy and daddy went swimming at the neighbors house for Memorial Day weekend. It was so much fun!

Get that booger out of my nose!

What's so funny papa?

I'm upset because Papa wouldnt let me drink his beer!

Hanging out poolside with mama...and my passy!

My Baptism- April 12, 2008

My baptism was at St. Elisabeth Seaton Church in Lafayette.
April 12, 2008 at 5:30pm.
The whole family was there....and my Godparents, James and Meagan.
There was a party at our house afterwards for cake and burgers!

Mommy, Daddy and me!

During the baptism.

The water being poured....

After I've been blessed....

Bath time Fun!

Aunt Lacy gave me this pirate duck in my easter basket....its my favorite bathtime toy!
I can eat it too!

5 Months....Food!

5 months old now. I can sit up in my high chair....laugh out (or spit) babyfood

Me in my high chair....waiting for the Peas!

Getting the peas on my bib....but not much in my mouth!

Big laughs....Things are so funny now! Especially my daddy and my puppy!

I can tackle my toys. I use my legs for everything now!

Check out my school clothes! Big scary is that!

Mothers Day- May 11, 2008

My first visit with my Great Granny Elisabeth in the nursing home.
She LOVES me! She kept saying " I love him, I love him"

Daddy holding me by Granny.

Family shot with Granny.

March of Dimes- April '08

Me and mommy before the march...check out my shirt. It says "this is how I roll"!!

Waking up from the long nap I took during the 3 mile walk.

Me and mimi getting a prize for the yell contest for Stone Energy.

4 months

Big Big Big Boy now!!! I am so much fun!
My hair is all falling is so sad to loose the mohawk!! :(
I chew on everything! The docotors visit was interesting this month!
I weigh 16 pounds!!! WOW!
And they said...I'm teething! And it's time to start trying babyfood...this should be interesting!


Big smiles and laughs....SOOOO much fun to play with!

And I can even put myself to sleep in the corner of the couch!

My cousin Dailyn came to stay with me one night...she's a big help! Great babysitter!

Paw Paw's Birthday- February 08

For Paw Paw's birthday, mama made me a shirt that said "Bufford"
That's what my Paw Paw has always called me, since before I was born.

He was in the nursery on December 18th, calling for "Bufford"
He tells everyone he sees that my name is Bufford, but we call him Maddox. HA! Silly Paw Paw!

Aunt Lacy's wedding

The wedding was March 29th, 2008 at Le'Glis.
Everything was perfect! The wedding, the day, everything.

Me and my NaNa....doing what I do best before the wedding begins.

MaMa and Aunt Lacy...beautiful bride!

Me and My MiMi

Family picture at the rehearsal.

3 months

3 months old now. I can do so much. I can hold my head up well now! 
Still on that formula...and gaining more and more. Those cheeks are filling out for sure!

Mama's favorite picture. I love the hair, the cheeks and those big beautiful eyes! (still blue!)

Me and my puppy Bentley...just staring at each other at Nanas.

Photoshoot #2

I had another photoshoot at 3 months old with mama's friend Jennifer.
Although I didnt smile the entire time, I'm still cute even when I'm staring blankly!
The pictures were great!!! Thanks Jen!!!

MaMa's Favorite!!!! It's so classic!

Fatty Maddy with crazy hair!

Sleeping Maddy, being a model is really hard work!

Had to get one in there for daddy!


My First Easter


2 months

The formula is DEFINETLY working. I'm back to my birthweight and gaining by the day.
We dont have to go to the doctor weekly anymore, and I'm drinking more and more at each feeding.

I love to suck my arms....and I even leave hickeys on myself!

I really dont like this outfit, but it's what mama and nana dressed me in to go to gigi's. Whatever.

My sunday clothes. For my first trip to church in Lake Charles with GiGi, MaMa, NaNa and Morgie! We stayed in the cryroom and I entertained my Aunt Morgie the whole time!

Fatty watching TV Naked after my bath...I love to do this!

Bath time with crazy hair!!