One Month

One month old and getting so big!
I'm having formula now...2 ounces at each feeding.
At my one month check up I was only about 7 lbs , so now we're suplimenting to get me back to my birth weight. (if they only know how much more I will grow!)

We go to the doctor once a week for weight checks. So we see Nanny and AUnt Morgie alot since they live near the doctors office. And their house is our stopping point since I eat every 2 hours and I am serious about feeding times!

All dressed up and ready to go to the doctors office.

Sleeping with my puppy Bentley. She's still nervous about me, but I love her!

Mohawk and skinny legs! Hanging out in my camo onsie from my Parrain James!

My signature Mohawk!! Cool baby!

Now I fit much better in my carseat!! Comfy....

Me and my GiGi!

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