Swimming at Pops

Hung out at the pool today with baby Ella. Pop blew up my baby pool from last year, and I didnt have a swimsuit, so excuse the nudeness!!! But it was fun! Even baby Ella brought her suit and jumped in for a minute or two!!

Ella, checking out the water with morgie!
Me, swimming!
Check me out!

Hangin with Ella

Ella came over to Nana's for mothers day. We had fun playing outside in the pool....then we came in for some movie time....Ella likes to watch movies with me! I'm going to teach her how to love all the movies that I love!!! I cant wait!

Hanging in my room watching a movie with Ella....

It's Elmo! This was my first favorite movie too Ella....good girl!

Dorry....the Fish!

Guess what my Nanny bought me!!! Yep, a fish!! She said I needed my own "fish friend" so, she took me to the store to pick it out. I picked the blue one and Morgie picked a red one. Mine is named "Dori"...and Morgies is named "Nemo"....we love our fish!
And I love to get up on my desk and look down at Dori swimming and feed her too!!!
Thanks Nanny....your the best!

2 year old pictures

This weekend mama and Nanny took me out to Washington to capture some pictures of me at 2 years old. I'm not an easy subject, but I sure am a cute one!!! Mama loves my little outfit and had to fight me a little to keep the hat on, but the jeans, the jacket and the tie....they make me look so big!!!

Easter Morning

Easter morning at our house! I woke up to find this giant blue basket filled with all my favorite things!!!! I love the easter bunny!!!
And I love G.G. for these great new pajamas she got me!!!!

Easter Egg Hunting at the Zoo!

It's easter time at the Zoo again!!! This year, Nana, Pop, mama, daddy, Parrain and Holly and Ella all came!!! it was so much fun! Me and my elmo basket got lots and lots of eggs, and this year, I knew how to gather them all by myself!!! It was a great day!

Cathing a fish wish Parrain!!! We won!! And I got some cool monster trucks as a prize!!

Dying eggs with mommy!

Feeding Tina the Lama with dada!
See, I can get them all by myself!

Daddy, guiding me along!