Christmas with Paw Paw Bufford

Christmas afternoon we all met up at our house with Paw Paw and Granny Karen, and Julian!
We played a gift exchange game and all got cool new presents. And of course we ate again too!!!
It was so much fun!!!

Getting ready to play the game!

Eating my santa suit!

Family photo!....Stand up nanny!

I'm wearing my paw paw's new shirt!

Group shot!! After we opened presents!!

Christmas Day!!!

We slept a little late christmas morning, and got up to open our presents from Santa!!
I got a cool music set and some great books, toys and treats in my stocking. It was so much fun!
Then we got all dressed and headed over to Nanas to open presents there.

Ready to open my presents from Santa!

After we opened all the presents!

Opening gifts with Daddy and Bentley...

A family photo before we left the house.

G.G., Nana, Pop, Nanny, Morgie, Parrain, Holly and Zach were all at Nana's house. We got to open lots more presents and play more games....and we got to eat some great lunch too!!

Me and my G.G.

Me and Pop and my reindeer antlers!

Eating in my candy I hot or what!!

Climbing on my presents...I love the box!

Opening my special book Morgie made me...I love it!!!

Christmas Eve

We had a christmas eve pajama party at our house. All of Daddy's family was there. we played lots of fun games and had a blast!!!!! I love pajama parties!!

MiMi, Me & my paw paw.

Uncle Kyle, Aunt Lacy & me!

Whole family photo!

Playing tug of war with a book and our teeth...silly Uncle Joe!

My new elmo Aunt Lacy gave me...I love it!

My Nanny's Graduation

My Nanny graduated from UL in Nursing on December 20th.
We went to the graduation ceremony and posed for lots of pictures afterwards! It was so much fun and we are all so proud of her! Although, we are a little sad because she is moving to Dallas next weekend to take a job at a hospital there. She will be amazing nurse, but we will miss seeing her whenever we want to!
Good luck Nanny!!!! I love you!

Silly Nanny!

Nana, Nanny, & Paw Paw

Me and My Nanny....I love her!

An angel enters, and an angel flies away....

A year ago, on this day God held my hand as I entered this amazing world.

On this same day, one year later, God held my great Granny Elisabeths hand as she left this amazing world to be with him in Heaven.

It's a sad and happy day all in one. The circle of life continues, and my granny is watching over me forever! We will all miss her so much.

My real Birthday!!

Today is my real birthday!!!
I slept at my MiMi and Paw Paw's house last night while mommy and daddy went to their Christmas party. Mommy came early to tell me Happy birthday! And aunt lacy was there too!!
Mommy even made me a cool shirt that says "I'm one today!" We took a few pictures before we left for Mrs Becky's of course!
After daycare, mom picked me up and we got my first happy meal!! yeah!!!
We at the happymeal at NaNa's and she gave me a chocolate cake with a candle!
I am now obsessed with hamburgers, and I can hold it all by myself! Watch the video!
Daddy bought me a singing card and some new toy trucks! He's the best daddy ever!
I had a GREAT birthday!!!
Happy birthday to me!!!!

My new shirt mommy made for me.

First I ate my french fries...

Then my hamburger...

Yum Yum!!!

I cant get enough....I love it!!!

No More Shopping Please!!!

I dont know if it's my cold, or the fact that my mom keeps dragging me out shopping after a long day of daycare, but today I had enough.....I decided to just take a nap in the shopping cart!

How funny is this!!!


Today, it snowed! Mommy and Daddy woke up super early and watched the snow fall down while I was sleeping.
Unfortunetly I'm sick with a cold, so I couldnt play in the snow, but mommy took me outside to see the snow and to snap a quick picture of course!
The snow was so beautiful, and there was a great view of it from my bedroom window!!
I love the snow!!!

View from my bedroom window...

It was cold outside!

Pretty snow!

My Birthday Party!!!

My birthday party was Saturday, Dec 6th. I had a blast!!! It was a rubber ducky theme, and there were lots of friends and family there to celebrate with me. I got so many great presents, it's been hard to decide which ones to play with!
Here's a few pictures from the great event!

My Ducky Cupcakes...

My cake table and birthday sign...

My ducky cookies and decorations....

The pools of balloons that we all played in!....

The front table...

The big picture on the wall.....

Playing in my new tunnel!

Opening my presents....

Opening presents with James and Dailyn

Playing in the balloons!

Opening More presents!

Playing with Morgie and my new toys...

Eating cake with no hands!

Happy Birthday to me!

Sitting in my new Wagon!