Christmas Day!!!

We slept a little late christmas morning, and got up to open our presents from Santa!!
I got a cool music set and some great books, toys and treats in my stocking. It was so much fun!
Then we got all dressed and headed over to Nanas to open presents there.

Ready to open my presents from Santa!

After we opened all the presents!

Opening gifts with Daddy and Bentley...

A family photo before we left the house.

G.G., Nana, Pop, Nanny, Morgie, Parrain, Holly and Zach were all at Nana's house. We got to open lots more presents and play more games....and we got to eat some great lunch too!!

Me and my G.G.

Me and Pop and my reindeer antlers!

Eating in my candy I hot or what!!

Climbing on my presents...I love the box!

Opening my special book Morgie made me...I love it!!!

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