9 months!!!

Me and mama had a photoshoot today. These are my official 9 month photos! With mamas new camera, every weekend could become a photoshoot!
My puppy Bentley even got to join this weekend. I love her!!!

Sweet baby coming around the corner....

I love my puppy!


Big boy!

Big Boy Food!

Well, at Mrs Becky's house I eat meatball stew, gumbo, spaghetti and lots of great home cooked lunches!!! But my mama doesnt cook much and my daddy is scared for me to eat big food, so I eat lots of crackers and cookies at home! Baby food does not interest me much, and mama can barely get half a jar down at dinner time. But I can eat about 4 crackers and then a few cookies after that. Theyr'e so much fun, but SUCH a mess!!!!

My picture with a cracker in one hand and a cookie in the other! Salty and Sweet!

I drop more than half of them, but I know just where to find them! I have to hurry before Bentley gets to them though, she loves cookies!

I love myself!!!!

I really love myself! We call him "my friend". Everytime I see a mirror, I get SOOOO excited!! And big pictures of myself, bring my friend to life again! I love him so much, I just want to kiss all over him!!! Hillarious!!!

Petting Zoo Party!!!!

My friend James Neese had a Petting Zoo Party for his 2nd birthday. There were lots of animals. I didnt like them all, but the duck was pretty cool! And the wagon was my favorite. Daddy rode me round and round!!! 


Pet the duck maddie, dont break his neck!

Maddie and the birthday boy, sharing Thomas the train!

Riding in the little red wagon....SOOO much fun!!! Again daddy, again!!

Can I eat this straw stuff??

Maddie and his overalls, dressed for the party theme!

Me and My Nanny!!!

Me and Nanny Meg. 8 months old. With my fake smile!