Sunday Funday!!

This sunday mom, nana, nana sharyn and pop took me to the Conge in Grand Coteau. Pop had his car in the carshow. We played with the cars a while, then we walked over to the petting zoo. I love the animals! Then pop took me to play the carnival games! We played all our tickets and won a sliky and a pinwheel!!! It was a great day~!

Walking back with pop and my prizes!

Yeah!!! We caught a fish!

Petting a rabbit.

Me and the goat!

Playing the ducky game!

Nana Sharyn, Nana, me & Pop by the great oak trees.

Me by the challenger!

Me by pops corvette!

Me IN Pop's corvette!

Me and Big Bertha! (the car daddy painted recently!)

The pretty doggie in her dress!

Pop took me on the slide!! The best part of the day!

I love the slide!

Daddy's Shop!

Me and mommy stopped by Daddy's shop on the way home today! SOOO much fun. I crawled around on the ground, found lots of little DIRTY things to play with and had a blast!

Outside by the barrel.

Checking out the cool tools!

Getting Dirty!!


Not happy...tired baby!!

Hmmm, what's in here?!!!

Wow, look at this!

I cant wait to be big and work with my Daddy!!!

Swimming Pictures~!

Dancing in the Pool!

This past weekend mom blew up 2 of my little pools and brought out my tunnel and we played outside! Nana and Pop came over to play too, and Daddy.
At first I wasnt sure about this water thing, but soon, I was splashing around and going through the tunnel. I cant wait to get a sprinkler to run through!
After swimming and playing for over an hour, I sat down in my lawn chair and kicked my feet up to relax. Mom turned on my favorite CD and I shook my booty to the music...and splashed my feet too!
We had a great day!!!


This video is hillarious!

He loves to play with this toy (thanks aunt carla!!). He follows me around the house begging me to press all the buttons and open all the doors....and he acts excited about each one opening...he shakes!!! Dont know why!
Then he closed them all and begs me to open them again....its a fun game!

Great Pics!!!

A few of my new favorites!

Valentines Day

This is my valentines day says "heart breaker"
How true is that!!!
And the valentines card mama made for my valentines, was a fun day at school too, lots of red cupcakes, yum!!!!

Photoshoot at Schmerns!

How amazing is auntie schmerns apartment building! Mommy couldnt resist a photoshoot. And since we were the first two awake (of course!) We got dressed and went outside to play!
We had round two of the photoshoot when auntie schmern woke up....
The pictures are amazing!

This one is mama's favorite!!!


Big boy in the rocker!


The Bel Air Apartments!

Sweet baby!

Funny Baby!!