Maddie in a Box!!!

What are you doing in that box son???
Just playing around with mommy after my bath in my m&m shirt.
This box is so much fun to get in!!!!

More Pictures

Another fun photoshoot at Nana's house! I had so much fun hanging out by the fish pond of course, or should we call it the dog pond! All animals are dogs you know....or they are "DOOOG's". 
Mom brought my spring rocking horse outside and I got to run around with her and Nana while she got some great pictures!
I'm sure we'll do it again soon! Come on warmer weather!!!

I cant find the DOOOG.

Awww, sweet baby!

Mama's little man....too big!

Happy Birthday Morgie!!!!

Happy Birthday aunt Morgie!!!
Mom, Aunt Morgie and Josh left me with Nana and went to Lake Charles to celebrate Aunt Morgie's 21st birthday!! They stopped at Paw Paw Buffords house for cake and lunch, then headed to the Casino for the night. They waited until midnight then flashed her ID to get her into the casino when she was 21! They had lots of fun, and were back on Sunday for dinner with me at NaNa's house! (And more cake of course!!!) I love birthdays!

Aunt Morgies cake at Paw Paw Buffords! (Great Candle!)

Mommy and Aunt Morgie....pretty ladies!

Morgie and Mommy....SILLY ladies!!

Morgie and Josh walking in at midnight!

Sure, you can check my ID, I'm 21 as of about one minute ago!!

More cake and singing at NaNa's!!!

My first Haircut!!

Now I can say "I'm a boy!"
It was becoming a little questionable....more and more people were saying "she is so cute!"
Finally, mom and dad scheduled my first haircut! Boy did I need it!

Before my cut!

During the cut!

Daddy, Elmo and a comb kept me busy during the haircut!

Oh yes, a fresh haircut, now I'm a nice looking boy, dont you think Elmo?

Big boy haircut!! All done!

New Years Eve!

For new years eve, we went to our neighbors house in the neighborhood. There was lots of food and lots of kids to play with! I followed the kids around the house all night, even though I was the youngest by about 6 years! I can walk now and I struggled to keep up with them, but I did it all night long! I finally passed out around 11:30 and my daddy woke me up at midnight to tell me Happy New Years.