The weather & My halloween costume

I have two halloween costumes....a puppy and a turtle.
The puppy costume was lent to my mama by a friend. Then she bought the turtle costume in case it was too warm outside for haloween to wear the puppy costume.

Well, what will the weather dress me as for halloween? Anybody want to take a guess?
If it's cold outside, I will be a puppy on Friday night.
If it's not cold outisde, I might just be a turtle!

Mommy tried them both on tonight...I didnt like being dressed up, but I had fun crawling/sliding around in my suits!
Which costume do you love the best? I'm cute either way!!!!

I can read...

I have one favorite book: "My first bible stories"
I drag it around everywhere...and make mommy read it to me.
Mommy counts the things on each page. She points at them and says "One angel, Two angels..." etc.
My new favorite thing to do is open the book and read it myself. I point at the things on the page and make small noises with my mouth....I'll be counting out loud before you know it!

And I have big boy winter pajamas too....arent they cool!!!

(Click picture for larger view)

Blame it on my daddy!

Well, it all started as an innocent game of dress up at nana's house with Morgie. She found this tutu in the dress up box in the back bedroom. She put it on over my clothes and we all thought it was hillarious. Then we kept digging in the box and found some devil horns. I danced and played in the mirror in my new outift and gave my nanny, nana, morgie and mama a huge laugh.
We decided to wait for daddy to get there to show him my new outfit before we went to a halloween party.
Well, daddy saw me and thought I was so funny he wanted to bring me to the party in my tutu!!
I was a hit at the party too! One little boy told me I was so cute, he thought I was a girl! I was hillarious!!!
I will probably be very mad at mommy and daddy for this one day, but for now, it was alot of fun!

PS: Wouldnt I be a really cute girl?? All jokes aside?! HA!

Boo at the Zoo!!!!

I was a scary ghost at the zoo this weekend!!!

Sunday, I went with my friend Sloan, and mommy and Mrs. Brandi to the Zoo for, Boo at the Zoo!!! It was so much fun!!! I got to ride in the little red wagon (my favorite part of the whole day!) with Sloan. We rode around the zoo and got lots of candy in our trick or treat pails!!

Shaaa...the baby Lion!
I love the wagon....and I was thirsty!

What are those animals?? Gross!

Made me SOOOO tired!!!- What a fun day!

9 month Photos

Yet another photoshoot...this is getting to be too much fun!
Just a day outside at NaNa's house! With Morgie, Nanny and GiGi.
So much fun, and so many great shots!