Happy Birthday to my Nana!!! We all got together at her house for a big party, and since I did such a great job helping to blow out the candles, Nana even gave me some cake!! Yum!!! And Parrain fed me lots of ice cream too!!! Nana loved all the presents!! Especially the wine and pop corn! And after all the fun, I crashed on pop (of course!) my favorite place to sleep!


Well, Maddox is 8 months old now! Wow, that was fast, too fast! I'm everywhere. Crawling, walking along things, standing up in my crib. I'm so much fun. I love books, toys, my puppy and anybody who will pay attention to me. I love to wave in the store while I'm riding in the front of the buggy. EVERYBODY is my friend!!

Mommy has a new hobby too. Photoshop. I've always loved it and been addicted to it, but I just found out new things! It's called textures and brushes...check out what I've been playing with!

Fight with a Rocker

Well, it's my first egg on my head. I love to climb on EVERYTHING. I climbed on the wrong thing this time, it was a lesson, but it wont be the last I'm sure.
I climbed up on the rocker at Mrs. Becky's and the rocker fought back! I ended up with a nice egg and a purple bruise. This is one day later when it had gone down alot. 
Believe me, it didnt stop me though!! I'm still standing up on everything I can get my hands on!