Ki's Birthday

Another party this weekend! My buddy Ki's birthday much fun! It was raining when the party started, so I showed up in my rain boots for sport...but the rain finally stopped and we got to go outside and play. Ki and Sloan have the BEST outside toys to ride, there was plenty for everyone, and we even got to feed the cows...they say "booooooo" HA!
Oh, and I LOVE that big fan! Cools me off and makes great noises when I talk into it!

Baby Shower

Aunt Holly's baby shower....they had a fun little boy to play with and cool steps to go up and down and up and get the hint....And a cowboy hat too! Check me out!
Oh, and I almost forgot, they had the best chocolate covered strawberries, I think I had about 12 of those things, but dont tell mom....I could reach them all by myself!

Uncle KaKa

This is what happens when I stay at Aunt Lacy and Uncle "KaKa"s house!
Who gave this guy a labeler....didnt they know better!