Happy Birthday Party to me!!!

I cant wait for my party next weekend! It's a rubber ducky party!!!
It's going to be so much fun!!!
Here's a picture of the invite...
and a fun game....
see if you can find the following picture of me at my party somewhere!!!

Can you find this picture at my party???

Festival Of Trees 11/19/08

Mommy, Daddy, Morgie, Josh and Mrs Cindy all took me to the Festival of Trees at River Ranch! They had lots of decorated Christmas trees available for auction inside. There were crafts for kids, a balloon man, hot chocolate and cookies and Santa!!

The photographer said I "Stole the Show" when I got on Santas laps and was all grins! Most of the kids there were screaming on his lap, but not me.....I thought it was fun!
Mom and Dad are going to take me to see lots of santas this year! Stay tuned for even more santa pics throughout the month!

My wonderful Family....

Me and Mommy

Me and Daddy by the Seaseme Street Tree!

Me and Santa...again!

The Elmo Show!!

Elmo Live!!!!
Me and my buddy Sloan, and our mamas all went to Sesame Street Live Elmo on Friday night!
I had so much fun!!! I stood on mommys lap and danced and pointed for an hour and a half! It was a blast! I got a cool elmo balloon and ate lots of cheetos during the show!

Me and sloan standing by the Elmo before the show!

Elmo and his friends!

Maddie and his cheetos at intermission.

Sloan and his cool Elmo Balloon!

Elmo Balloons!!!

My Nana- The Survivor!

My Nana is the strongest person I know! And prayers are the most powerful thing there is!

Within a matter of 2 weeks, Nana found out she had colon cancer, scheduled the surgery and it was removed. It all happened so fast, but with tons of prayers, and a great doctor....God performed another miracle! 
As of today, she is Cancer Free!

Nana was so afraid of the "C" word that she wouldn't even say it out-loud for the past 2 weeks, and now, look at her, she beat it! 

I guess she wont be so afraid of that word now, since she gets to scream the word "SURVIVOR" after it! 

Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers and support, thanks to the doctors who found it so quickly and removed it so wonderfuly, and thanks the most to God, for watching over my Nana through it all!

Congratulations Nana, your a survivor!

(Nana's new logo!)

(I take a nap EVERY night in the hospital bed with my Nana!)

Watching TV, eating my cracker, drinking my juice. I love it here!
(While nana is walking the halls!)

My First Halloween!!

My first Halloween!!!
We had a big party at our house. Lots of our neighbors and friends came over for food and fun!
I was a puppy and a ghost...I even had a wardrobe change. I had so much fun will all of the people and I got to stay up late! It was all so much fun!