My actual Birthday! 12-18-09

Well, today was my real birthday!! And I had a great day! I woke up with mommy and daddy and got lots of birthday wishes and kisses. Then mom took me to the store and I got to pick out my own cupcakes to bring to school! At school all my friends sang to me and watched me blow out my candles and we all ate cupcakes!!!
Then mom picked me up early and we went to the toy store and I got to pick out any toy I wanted!!! I picked a cool red race car....vrooommm!!!! Then we went home and played and took a nap!
Unfortunetly, I got sick on the way to go see Santa....that was supposed to be my big event for my birthday....but it's ok, I had a great day anyway and got to snuggle in bed with mom and dad all night long! Happy 2nd birthday to me!!!!!!

Me and all my buddies at school!!!

My girlfriend Reily!!!

The gingerbread cake we made at school....and my cupcakes!!

Blowing out the candles!

Yeah for me!!!

My 2nd Birthday Party!!!!

My mELMO birthday party!!!!! Mama and Daddy got me a FUn Jump and I jumped, and jumped and jumped in it ALL day!!!! I love that thing! Then we opened presents and I got so many cool cool things!!! I've been playing with them all for 2 days now! I love my cozy coop Car so much!! And all my blocks and trucks and other cool toys, so much fun!!!!
Here's some pics from my great party!!!

Me and My Car

Blowing out my candles

The favor table

My mElmo rice krispie balls that Morgie made me!!! yummm!!

Jumping with Schmern!

Wrestling in the fun jump with Daddy!!!

Hanging out!

Yeah!!! I love to jump!

My big wall picture mama and daddy put up!

Taking a bath after getting all dirty at my party, but it was fun!!!!!

Big Brother????

Do you get it?? This was the suprise for Thanksgiving!!!!!
Yep, Maddie is a Big Brother!! (or will be in July next year!)