Push UP!!!!

Yes!!! My first Push Up...and if it were up to me, I'd have one everyday!
Mom and I stopped at the gas station and she let me pick my ice cream treat (since it was so hot outside, and I am such a good boy!)
I LOVED the push up!!! yummmmmmmmm

Having fun in my Robe!

I have a bit of a rash...so mom decided to let me run around and "dry" after my bath, and she put her favorite robe on me! Of course, she had to bust out the camera too!!! Dont I look just too cute in my man robe! I even sat in daddys new recliner like a big boy and watched tv in my robe....such a Man!!!

Big Boy Bed!!

I got a big boy bed!!! I didnt like my baby bed and mama and daddy were tired of me sleeping with them, so they made a big boy bed for me....and I love it! Mommy or Daddy lay down with me until I fall asleep and I sleep in my own bed all night! Such a BIG BOY!!!!

And mama caught daddy taking a nap with me one sunday afternoon!! It's ok, daddy wont fall out, Bentley is keeping watch! I love my papa!!!!!

Blueberry Hill!!

Mom and I went to Blueberry Hill early early one saturday morning. You pick your own blueberries!!! They gave us a little white bucket and we walked up and down the blueberry farm collecting blueberries! So much fun!!! Cant wait to go back again soon!!

More pictures!

We went our to our photo spot again!! This time with mommy's friend Alicia and her son James. We had so much fun! James brought some cool books! We read together, played together and got dirty together! Then we ate lunch together and went home for a nap. It was a fun day!

Yoo Hoo!!!!

Family Vacation

We took a family vacation with all of daddy's family. MiMi, Paw Paw, Aunt Lacy, Uncle Kyle, and all of mimi's family rented a houseboat on Lake Quacitaw in Arkansas. It was so much fun!!! We swam in the lake and in the hot tub, watched movies, tanned, had a campfire, and so much more! We cant wait to go back again!!!

Maddie & Uncle Jo

Family Picture


Mommy & Daddy

Maddie & Daddy

Playing in the rocks

Tickling Daddy

Driving Uncle Jo's Boat
Swimming with Daddy in the hot tub!

uh oh!!!