Finally, I got a few pictures with a smile. We went out to take some pictures with a friend and her kids. Luckily, they could get Maddox to smile! Although the weather was bad, we still got some pretty good pictures under the covered areas....and lots of big smiles!

This is how we watch tv....

Watching Ne-How-Ki-Lan.....(the show my daddy cant stand). I was so into it, I couldnt keep still. Mommy had to take some pictures of all the positions and faces I was making...funny!!!

Then Daddy got home and we played with, SHE is funny!!!

More Pictures!

The Laundry Chute

Tonight (while in my pj's) mommy showed daddy how I like to play in the laundry chute....well, daddy took it to another level and taught me how to climb UP the chute, and SLIDE back down! Well, this is a great game and I cried when they made me stop. I love to slide, and I've been wanting mama to get me one of those great slides for the backyard, but since she hasnt' I guess I'll have to play with my cool new slide INSIDE!! Oh yeah!!

More Pictures

Sunday was picture day!! We had a photoshoot with our friend Reese Maria. But on the way to the photoshoot, we stopped off in a grain field of some sort and got a few pictures. Today was not my best day, and I was hungry and a little upset. So my face is not so pretty, but the pictures are still nice. I'm sorry I was so ugly for my mommy, I made up for it by being quiet on the rainy afternoon!


Mommy got a great haircut today, and Mr Ronnie really wanted to cut my hair too, so since he had a cool kids cape for me to wear, I let him!!!