Baby Josie is here!!!

Baby Josie made her appearance Sunday morning around 8:00. 8lb, 1 oz and so beautiful!!!
Maddox thinks she's "purdy". And he loves her!!!! We all love her and cant wait to play with her everyday!
(oh, and Josie took Maddox's nuni (wink, wink)....oh no, he's a little upset with her right now....but he'll get over it soon! Yeah! no more nuni....we're a big boy now!!!)

Here's some pics of Maddox meeting his first baby cousin! And loving her!

Maddox and the Mud

Mamas friend Jennifer and her husband Billy came in town to visit last weekend. We decided to hang out on the back porch a little while, and somehow, I fell into the mud! Oh no!!! (HA!), so Jiffy convinced mom to just 'let me play in it'...and so I did! And I chased mom around the yard trying to make her all muddy!
Then mom got out the hose! Uh oh!! But it was FUN!!!! I wanted her to spray me all day! I even got thirsty and took a sip or two! ahhhh!!!
Then it was time to strip me down and throw me in the tub. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!