My Nana- The Survivor!

My Nana is the strongest person I know! And prayers are the most powerful thing there is!

Within a matter of 2 weeks, Nana found out she had colon cancer, scheduled the surgery and it was removed. It all happened so fast, but with tons of prayers, and a great doctor....God performed another miracle! 
As of today, she is Cancer Free!

Nana was so afraid of the "C" word that she wouldn't even say it out-loud for the past 2 weeks, and now, look at her, she beat it! 

I guess she wont be so afraid of that word now, since she gets to scream the word "SURVIVOR" after it! 

Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers and support, thanks to the doctors who found it so quickly and removed it so wonderfuly, and thanks the most to God, for watching over my Nana through it all!

Congratulations Nana, your a survivor!

(Nana's new logo!)

(I take a nap EVERY night in the hospital bed with my Nana!)

Watching TV, eating my cracker, drinking my juice. I love it here!
(While nana is walking the halls!)

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