Sunday Funday!!

This sunday mom, nana, nana sharyn and pop took me to the Conge in Grand Coteau. Pop had his car in the carshow. We played with the cars a while, then we walked over to the petting zoo. I love the animals! Then pop took me to play the carnival games! We played all our tickets and won a sliky and a pinwheel!!! It was a great day~!

Walking back with pop and my prizes!

Yeah!!! We caught a fish!

Petting a rabbit.

Me and the goat!

Playing the ducky game!

Nana Sharyn, Nana, me & Pop by the great oak trees.

Me by the challenger!

Me by pops corvette!

Me IN Pop's corvette!

Me and Big Bertha! (the car daddy painted recently!)

The pretty doggie in her dress!

Pop took me on the slide!! The best part of the day!

I love the slide!

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Mrs. Guilbeau said...

He is so cute with that little backpack! Too cute!