Happy Half a Year Old to me!!!!!
I'm 6 months old, and so big now, 20 pounds to be exact!
 I can sit up all by myslef, and I think that's the coolest thing ever! I can talk, gibberish, but it's talking! My favorite word is "DA DA DA DA DA" and I can also say "HI".  I love to swim in the pool and on the floor! Yep, I may not actually "crawl" but I can do the breaststroke on the floor and get ANYWHERE i want to be! Just put something in front of me (a toy, my puppy, anything I'm not supposed to have!) and I'll scoot my way over to it with determination in my eyes!
My 6 month doctors appointment was fun. The paper on the doctors table is so much fun! Talk about the little things that amuse me! Check out the video.

Me and my BIG ducky!

Posing in my bedroom window.

Flying in the sky with mommy.

Watching the fish at NaNa's.

Crawling is SOOOO exciting!!

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