Daddy's Birthday and the 4th of July!

Daddys birthday...July 3rd. I woke up and made daddy breakfast! Oatmeal creme pie with a candle...he loved it! I got to spend a little time with him before him and mommy left for his suprise trip to L'auberge Casino!

Daddy Floating in the lazy river all day for his birthday!

Forth of July!!!! Daddy and Mommy are back and I got to float just like daddy!! We spent the day at the pool at MiMi's house!

Check out my "thibs" hat! Now I'm cool! And advertising for my daddy too!

I love my new floating frog toys...thanks MiMi!

And I even got to try some of Daddys birthday cake...Dirt Cake..Yum!!!!! Thanks maw maw!

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