Saturday at the Kart Ranch!

MiMi and Paw Paw and Aunt Lacy took me to the Kart Ranch on Saturday for my friend Hallie's birthday party! Mom came to meet us between photoshoots! I had so much fun!!!
I played in the balls, all by myself, jumped in the fun jump, climbed the ropes, and slid down the slides!! oh yeah!!!! THEN, my paw paw took me on the Go Kart! Wow!!!!!! I guess I was a bit tired, and time for my afternoon nap, because that vibration in the go kart when we were going around the track put me to sleep!!! ha! Not a great right hand driver, I guess! I'll learn one day!
It was a great day!!! And here's some pictures to prove it!

The Balls!

The fun jump!

The rope climb!

The slide!

All by myself!

NOW>>>>>>the go kart ride!!!!

Strap me in good Paw Paw!

Can I press the horn?

Im ready to go! Press Play!

Me and paw paw "zooming" by!

This is after the ride.....a little sleepy! But it was fun!

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