Baby's Sick

I was sick this week. High fever at night, and I couldnt sleep. Mommy took me to the doctor and they couldnt find out the problem, so they sent me to the hospital to run some tests.
The nurse there is NOT my bestfriend. She took my blood and stuck a long stick up my nose. Me and mommy both cried! Thank god NaNa came to help us out! She always saves the day. At least I got a Diego sticker and I got to go home and play with nana afterwards.
The best news was, I was ok. Just a sinus infection. Nothing a little medicine cant fix.
Mommy even bought me some toys for being a big boy during the tests! (and because she felt so bad that they tortured her baby!) I got a Diego, a Dora and a BOOTS toy!! I love boots (or "booths" like I say!)
Thank you mama, I love you! And I'm not mad at you for holding me so tight while they poked me!

Sick baby with his teddy his nanny gave him.

Maddy and "booths". And his milk and his nuunie! Yep, sick babies get whatever they want!

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